Breast Cancer is very common in women.It is the type of cancer in women. The main causes are the artificial lifestyle and modern fashions which are affecting the women health. Breast cancer is the abnormal or uncontrolled growth of breast cells. This is the most common type of cancer in women in the world. Our nervous system controls our body functions. Through electromagnetic nerve impulses our vital body functions are controlled. When due to some of the complications our nervous system fails to control the body functions, serious sort of problems appear which ultimately lead to death.

Картинки по запросу breastBreast cancer is one of the same serious health problem in women in which our nervous system fails to control the normal growth of breast cells. As a result breasts show abnormal growth in size and shape which harm the normal functions. This condition in women is called the Breast Cancer.
Breast Cancer Signs & Symptoms:
There is no sign or symptom appears in early stages. In some cases a tinny tumor may appear in the breast which might not be detected by oneself . It may be detected by a doctor through X-ray. So breast self examination is very must by time to time. If you find or feel any solid aggregation in your breast must visit a doctor at your earliest. According to American breast cancer society following may be the Signs or Symptoms of breast cancer in women in early stages.
(1) Whole breast swelling or partially swelling
(2) Pain in breast
(3) Pain in nipples and deepens of nipples
(4) Inflammation/ redness in the breast and breast skin thickens
(5) Secretions from breast other than milk
Tips for Breast Cancer Protection:   
(1) Try to adopt the natural style in your life.
(2) Don’t wear very tight & fit clothes.
(3) Don’t fasten bra’s very tight. Keep them a bit loose and easy.
(4) Married women must feed their babies up to two years of age.

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