Breastfeeding is an art of offering breast milk to baby. sucking reflex of baby makes it suck the milk from mother’s breast.

breastfeeding advantages:-

* it nourishes baby and creates bond between mother and baby.
* breastfeeding keeps the baby healthy, as protects baby from diseases.
* breastfeeding provides immunity to the baby while make baby resistant to external environment.
* breastfeeding creates the psychological bond between mother and baby.
* breast milk provides complete food for the infant, young child, or baby.
* mother will enjoy real motherhood through breastfeeding.
* breastfed babies have less chance of infant mortality.
* mother should start feeding the baby as earlier as possible in first half an hour.
* mother should take nutritionally enriched, balanced diet in order to get sufficient milk production.
* clean the breasts before and after every fed to baby.

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