A practical guide on one of the most common diseases of our time. Packed with useful tips and tricks.

Almost all men suffer from the fast pace of our society. Too high demands at work and also the so-called leisure stress, lead to exhaustion and often leads to serious health problems. These impairments often result in social isolation and at worst can cause a variety of physical illnesses be. The author makes Gabriele crypt “recognize burnout” in her book, clearly a very sensitive way, that each person has individual exposure limits. She herself states that her book is less a scientific textbook, either as a practice-oriented guide. This diminishes the quality of the content but none of the case.

The author brings her vast experience as a management consultant, coach and trainer in the book. Through studies and research findings underscoring their theories, which she sets up on stress and burnout. There are further described symptoms and abnormalities, which should make it easier to recognize the signs of burnout in themselves or in their environment. Complemented by strategies for active and preventive measures for suspicion of an existing Burnout syndrome, makes this book a practical and informative guide to the subject give.

Worth reading for anyone who wants to everyday life stress and strains are exposed to and understand that their stressed and harried fellow men better. The book refers mainly to the professional environment, but it can also be drawn on the private life out of it. For those stressed-out people a highly recommended book and who can claim to never feel stressed and burdened?

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