There are some far out remedies and gadgets for anti aging these days but surely the anti-aging pillow must be the most outlandish ? A pillow can’t prevent or stop your wrinkles can it ? Well, let’s find out.

The Amazing Anti-Aging Pillow ?

Can An Anti-Aging Pillow Stop Your Wrinkles ?Let me start with a silly story. When I was a young kid, I was watching tennis on TV. I noticed that the players had bands of cloth on their wrists. I was told by an adult that they were sweat bands. Being innocent and imaginative as only a child could be, I formed the idea that these amazing bands of terry toweling cloth magically absorbed sweat off the players body.

I was slightly disappointed  to learn that the player had to physically wipe the sweat off by using the band as a cloth. In short, the name made the product sound better than it was.

The same can be said for the anti-aging pillow.

It’s a great name and it has some functionality but don’t expect miracles.

How Does The Pillow Work ?

The idea behind the pillow is that people that sleep on their stomach or side, scrunch up their face. This encourages wrinkles to develop on the face or makes existing wrinkles worse.

The pillow is designed so that when you sleep on your side, you can rest your head on the pillow but keep the skin on your cheeks free preventing the scrunching up effect on your skin.

So typically the pillow will have a crescent shape to it. You rest the side of your head on the crescent and this keeps your cheeks free. Other pillows of this type look like a normal pillow but have a indentation in the middle so that you can rest your head normally without scrunching up the cheeks.

Some makers of these pillows also claim that it lets the skin breath, unlike a standard pillow, which can be good for the skin.

Another “feature” is the fabric that the pillow (or the pillow case anyhow) is made of. This is a satin fabric that doesn’t absorb moisturizers or other anti-aging products that you may put on your face before going to bed each night.

So Will This Prevent Your Wrinkles ?

anti wrinkle pillow - beauty pillow

Well, just like the sweat band, it will only work if you use it properly and consistently. The theory is sound. The less time your face spends “scrunched up” (that’s a technical term :) ) the less chance the wrinkles will develop or get worse as you sleep. However applying it may be difficult for some people. If you fidget and toss and turn at night, you may find your face in the wrong position in the morning, negating the effectiveness of the pillow.

Plus, it won’t help you during the day (unless you sleep all day !) from sun damage and other everyday factors that affect the skin.

Of course, if you sleep on your back then you don’t need an anti wrinkle pillow. If you sleep on your side or stomach and are concerned about wrinkles on the face, then learn to sleep on your back. Then you don’t need an anti-aging pillow.

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