Glycolic acid belongs to the family of AHA or alpha hydroxyl group of acids. This AHA type can be derived from several food items including fruits. One of the most potent sources of glycolic acid is sugarcane. Glycolic acid possesses smallest molecules among all AHAs, as a result of which it can penetrate out skin more efficiently. Glycolic acid in its pure form is extremely strong and is mainly meant for industrial use during procedures like rust removal. Skin care procedures like glycolic peel treatments are Glycolic acid peelusually done using 20% solution of glycolic acid, which is gradually increased to 70% solution depending on the need of the patient.

Getting glycolic peels done by a professional will require you to pay a hefty price. If you are not ready to spend so much money for skin treatment but require one badly for removing the ugly pimple scars from your face, you can try out the homemade glycolic acid peels. You can prepare the homemade version spending only a fraction of the amount you would have needed to spend in case of a professional treatment.

For homeHomemade glycolic acid peel recipemade preparation of a glycolic acid peel, you can use fruits like papaya and pineapple. These fruits can be beneficial due to presence of sugar and natural enzymes in them. Lemon and strawberry are known for their natural acidic properties and thus can be used as ingredients of home peels. However, as mentioned above the ingredient that can make your homemade peel extremely effective is sugarcane. Using caster sugar for the treatment will offer you results closest to what you can expect when treated by a dermatologist. Due to its superfine texture, your skin will absorb caster sugar more easily than regular cane sugars.

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