Cancer  is a general term used for diseases characterized by abnormal cell growth. There are many types of cancer and each type is identified by the cells initially affected. This uncontrollable cell growth harms the human body and they form tumors. Tumor grows and affect the normal functions of body by interfering with digestive system, nervous system and circulatory system.  Tumor releases hormones which changes body functions. Tumor at a particular spot and does spread in other parts of body is considered as benign.

A normal body cell grows, divides and dies at a certain time while a cancerous cell does not follow any such program of  growth, division and death. It is divided uncontrollably and never dies. When a programmatic cell growth breaks down cancer starts.
Cancer Symptoms:
Cancer symptoms depend upon the size of tumor and the body part where cancer is located. For example  BREAST CANCER   can be detected by a tinny tumor in the breast skin in early stages. Skin cancer can be diagnosed by the change in skin. Some cancers have less physical apparent. Brain tumor can affect the vital body functions at the early stages and can be diagnosed.
Types of Cancer: 
Cancer can be divided into many categories but the main categories are:
Carcinoma:  Cancer that appears in cells or tissues.
Sacroma: Cancers that start in bones or cartilage.
Leukemia: Cancers that start in blood.
Lymphoma: Cancers that start in brain tissues or spinal cord.

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