Tens of thousands of cancer patients could be saved by Roche Laboratories manage to impose their new drug.

New drugs that starve tumors, with new drugs developed by Roche Laboratories. All of which leads to a researcher contacted by telephone: “The anti-cancer progressing on all fronts. To fight against this terrible scourge responsible for 150,000 deaths per year, researchers are developing drugs that can starve tumors. This is a revolutionary approach. Without directly attacking the tumor, these new drugs are opening a new revolutionary way to fight cancer by depriving tumors of blood vessels that nourish it.

Starve the tumor, depriving it of food and prevent it from proliferating

For several years, researchers have successfully identified various characteristics of cancer cells. According to a researcher for Roche, reached by telephone, “the goal is to better understand how and why these cells begin to proliferate uncontrollably in an organ prior to colonize other. Various characteristics of these cancer cells recently been highlighted, including its ability to mobilize many resources to its advantage.

“Even more than normal cells, cancer cells need oxygen and nutrients for their growth. To mobilize such an energy source, these cells will colonize the bloodstream by attracting to it of new blood vessels (a process of angiogenesis). “These new branches of normal blood vessels are called neovascularization. From poor quality, they may be porous (tumor bleeding and sometimes involves detecting the presence of blood in urine or stool). But they will be required to the tumor to establish new tumors elsewhere in the body (metastases). the cancer cell thus has its own vascular network to grow and grow .

Block the emergence of neo-vessels

The process is revolutionary: the new anti-cancer aims to block the emergence of these new vessels in order to starve the tumor and prevent it from spreading throughout the body. Private Power, the tumor necrosis.

Cancer: Beware the Quacks

In the fight against cancer, you should be wary of charlatans. Thus, in the Loire, a resident administered bee stings in strategic places of the human body, claiming to cure AIDS, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc. As lawyers and doctors, 99.99% of beekeepers are good people, serious, and responsible. Nevertheless, there are some marginal in every profession, and, in July 2011, the Criminal Court of Roanne in the Loire, a beekeeper and condemned alleged healer for “illegal practice of medicine”.
Arise and walk! To believe the minutes prepared by the police and read to the court hearing, the man was stronger than the miracles of Lourdes and the teams leading research laboratories. Wilbanks a small village in the Loire promised to cure the most terrible diseases of the century thanks to bee stings administered at strategic points in the human body.

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