The months of waiting are finally over.  No more checking off the days on the calendar one by one.  The baby showers are over.  The room is ready for its new occupant and has been for weeks!

The relatives have finally left for their respective destinations leaving you and your spouse alone for the first time in days.  Everyone had their turn holding him in their arms and it began to appear as if your turn would never come!

As you gaze down at the warm, cuddly, bundle of joy lying in his new crib for the first time, reality suddenly comes crashing down on your shoulders.  This is a precious new human being and he is 100% dependent upon you!


All of the months of waiting, planning and preparation fade into oblivion as panic sets in.  Now what? What do I do next?  How do I care for this little person?

First things first

Understand that your feelings are normal.  No one comes into this world with an advanced degree in parenting.  You may have friends that blithely tell you, “just do what comes naturally.”  Yeah, right!

You’re still thinking about those hours in the hospital and while the memories of pain do fade quickly at this point they are still right there on the surface epidural or not!

You need a blueprint

Since your little guy doesn’t come with an owner’s manual, you need to do a little research and find one on your own.  Here’s where Caring for your Newborn: An Owners Manual comes in.

Having your own copy of this guide will save you many hours of searching and frustration.  It will give you the bottom line basics of what you need to do to prepare for the arrival of your newborn.

Caring for your Newborn: An Owners Manual  eliminates the guesswork and gives you the answers you need before you even know what the questions are!

There are decisions that you need to make before the baby arrives.  Being prepared and knowing what to expect will forestall any last minute confusion.

Get the answers to questions like:

  • If my baby is a boy, should he be circumcised?
  • Should I breastfeed or bottlefeed?
  • What should the baby’s name be?
  • Where to get tips on decorating the nursery?

Those may seem like simple questions but the answers can be pretty complex, especially when you are also looking at:

  • What kind of car seat should I buy?
  • Do I need a baby carrier?
  • What is better a cradle or a crib?

The hospital or birthing center you use may or may not prepare you with answers to these questions:

  • How do I care for the umbilical cord?
  • What about caring for the circumcision?
  • How do I bathe the baby?

By the time you add selecting clothing and making decisions about immunizations it can become overwhelming very quickly.  Caring for your Newborn: An Owners Manual gives you answers to these and even more complex questions right at hand!

Do you know what to do if your baby becomes ill?  Knowing when to call the doctor is one of the most important questions that you will find in your owners manual.

How about baby proofing your home?  Almost before you know it, your little one will be crawling everywhere!  What do you need to do to your home in order to protect him?

Listen, having a baby is a normal, natural process and having the answers to these and other important question far in advance of the blessed event will give you peace of mind.

Insure that when you do gaze down at your bundle of joy for the first time, your feelings are those of certainty, confidence and most of all, love.

Be secure in the knowledge that you are well prepared and there is no reason for panic!

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