When it comes to vitamins and nutrients, carrots are orange anti aging gold.  There are so many reasons you should snack down on this crunchy powerhouse- here are the top five.

Anti Aging

benefits of carrotsIn general, carrots are a great anti aging veggie. Filled with alpha and beta carotene, carrots actually act as an antioxidant which helps repair cell damage cause by your very own metabolism.

All in all, carrots actually play a huge role in slowing down the aging of cells.

Aside from antioxidants, carrots are also an excellent source of vitamin A.  Put those two together and your skin gets some serious protection from sun damage.  With getting a good daily dose, you will actually be preventing blemishes, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, dry skin, and, most importantly, you will be preventing premature wrinkling.

All in all, whether working from within or as a mask or cream of sorts, carrots can help you get and keep that healthy youthful glow.

You’ve heard about how great retinol is to fight off those fine lines- well, carrots are an excellent natural source too. 

  • Wash Carrots
  • Chop off the tops
  • Process in juicer
TIP: If the carrots are too long, cut in half.

TA-DA! it is that simple to get this super healthy drink.  But if you don’t fancy the plain carrot taste, you can always spruce it up a bit by adding an apple to the mix for a pinch of sweetness or a tomato for a more organic garden taste.

Disease Prevention. More than just looking young, carrots also make you feel young by keeping you healthy.  Studies have shown that carrots can help prevent diseases that are usually associated with growing old- such as Cancer, Heart Disease, and even Stroke.

  • Cancer Prevention– Carrots can actually to reduce the risk of lung, breast, and colon cancer.  This is thanks to falacarinol and falcarindol that are both found in this veggie, which both have been believed to poses anticancer properties.
  • Heart Disease Prevention– Carrots, eaten on a regular basis, have actually been proved to reduce cholesterol levels.  You see, this happens when the fiber that this veggie is jam packed with binds with bile acids.

Aside from that, as mentioned earlier, carrots have both beta and alpha carotene as well as lutein too.

  • Stroke Prevention– A study conducted in Harvard University has actually proven that those who have 6 or more carrots a week have a dramatically lower chance of stroke than those who barely eat even just one a month.

FUN FACT: When sliced, a carrot actually looks like a human eye.  Did you know that carrots actually enhance the blood flow to that area? – Pretty cool, huh?

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