Brand vs. Generic

I provided you with the generic name for each drug, and I list the generic names in the navigation panel of this site for all meds. If a generic version is available, you may not have a choice, that is what your HMO or insurance carrier is going to demand you take. We’ve been told since forever that there is no difference between brand and generic drugs. Continue reading “Brand vs. Generic” »

Definition of AT


Atherosclerosis is the process of forming a plaque, or atheroma, in the wall of an artery. This is sometimes referred to as arteriosclerosis. The formation of this plaque results in a narrowing of the artery, reducing the blood flow to the organ or tissue that artery supplies. Continue reading “Definition of AT” »


This can become an entire treatment program in itself. There are many stress reduction strategies which can be utilized to minimize the impact stress has on us. We will only be hitting the highlights here, and we encourage you to select one or more of these areas for more in-depth study and practice. Numerous self-help books are available on these subjects, and we encourage you to seek them out. Continue reading “TECHNIQUES FOR MANAGING STRESS (Atherosclerosis)” »


There are two types of Herbal Remedies available. One would be what we have come to call Western Herbs, the other would be Chinese Herbs. With Western Herbs, we generally understand the mechanism of action of the Herb. That is, we know what cellular function or metabolic process those Herbs effect, much like we understand the mechanism of action of prescription drugs. Continue reading “BOTANICAL MEDICINES IN THE PREVENTION OF ATHEROSCLEROSIS” »

Complementary and Alternative Treatment Options for Atherosclerosis

Dietary considerations: There is more to the dietary approach to atherosclerosis than eliminating fat from the diet. Fat restriction is important, but there are other dietary strategies that can be used to help lower cholesterol. As well, there are a variety of vitamins, nutrients, and micronutrients that can lower the risk of heart disease when consumed as part of a fat-restricted diet. Continue reading “Complementary and Alternative Treatment Options for Atherosclerosis” »