AIDS / HIV information

AIDS  stands for Acquired immunodeficiency Syndrome. AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV (Human immune deficiency virus). As it is clear from its name, when this virus  enter into human body, multiply there and then starts affecting human immune system. HIV attacks on T-cells of the body. Continue reading “AIDS / HIV information” »

Doctors Categories

Medical Sciences is one of the most important branch of science which deals with the human diseases and their treatments. Modern development in this line make it more beneficial for humanity. In the beginning doctors used to treat the diseases with some fixed tools and knowledge. Continue reading “Doctors Categories” »

Baby Boomers And Anti-Aging

The term “Anti-aging” has recently become one of the most popular “buzz-words” in all of medicine today. There is even a certification and specialization in age-management medicine for physicians interested in assisting their patients in preventing premature disability and death, while focusing on optimal health and vigor. Continue reading “Baby Boomers And Anti-Aging” »

Facts About Flu Season

It’s The Flu Season Time Of Year Again… Well, it’s that time of year again. Winter coats and sweaters are dusted off and your flip-flops are packed away until it’s time to hit the beaches again. While the holiday season brings gifts, cheer and family reunions, it also brings flu season with it. Continue reading “Facts About Flu Season” »

Dexa scan report showing osteoporosis of hip and spine – bones becoming brittle and fragile

My friend’s mom’s dexa scan report shows T score of -2.6 SD at the hip and -2.4 SD at the lumbar spine. She is not on hormone therapy, her mother died due to complications of hip fracture and her sister was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the age of 60 years. What do you interpret according to  her dexa scan report? Continue reading “Dexa scan report showing osteoporosis of hip and spine – bones becoming brittle and fragile” »