Epilepsy : causes, symptoms, types and treatment epilepsy


Epilepsy is one of medical condition. it is one of the seizures disorder. it is common chronic neurological disorder. it is characterized by the recurrent unprovoked seizures. it effects nearly 50 million people throughout the world. it is not cured but can be controlled. it is usually treated with medical treatment. in some cases surgery is preferred, not all epilepsy syndromes are life long . in children it may disappear in later years. Continue reading “Epilepsy : causes, symptoms, types and treatment epilepsy” »

Mental Retardation : causes, symptoms and treatment

Mental Retardation :-

Mental retardation refers to significantly sub average general intellectual functioning, resulting in or associated with concurrent impairments in adaptive behavior and manifested during the developmental period. General intellectual functioning is assessed through intelligence tests developed for purpose and adopted to the conditions of the region. Continue reading “Mental Retardation : causes, symptoms and treatment” »