Refer to the criteria i send nursing

Dear Senators Casey and Specter:

I hereby write to you this day to ask for your consideration in support of the HR Bill 4247 OR S 2860- Preventing Harmful Restraint and Seclusion in Schools Act.  I therefore bring to your awareness that I am one of your constituents and that I am presently a student taking BSN at LaSalle University. I think it will be very useful for you to get a feeling of why I regard this bill as a fundamental one that requires everyone of us to take care of the poor and the vulnerable in our society; the disabled to be more specific. Continue reading “Refer to the criteria i send nursing” »

Registered Nursing Education Program

The three major educational paths to registered nursing practice include a bachelor’s science degree in nursing (BSN), an associate degree in nursing (ADN), and a diploma. BSN programs are offered by colleges and universities and usually take about four years to finish the degree. ADN programs are offered by junior and community colleges and usually take about two to three years to finish. Diploma programs are given in hospitals and take about three years to complete. Continue reading “Registered Nursing Education Program” »