A spot on left breast close to armpit causing frequent recurring pain – what treatment?

I am a 25 year old woman. There is a spot on my left breast close to the armpit. This spot causes pain to me. This pain is being caused for last 4-5 days. Sometimes the pain subsides, but then it again recurs. I am feeling a lot of difficulties due to this spot. Sometimes, due to the pain, my left hand movement is also restricted. Continue reading “A spot on left breast close to armpit causing frequent recurring pain – what treatment?” »

Reduced bleeding during periods while using natural conception, feeling nauseous and tired – is it pregnancy?

Previously I was using Oral Contraceptive Pills, which I stopped more than one month back. Then, we shifted to natural contraceptive methods. However, this time, my period was delayed by about 5-6 days and moreover, the period lasted for a much shorter duration of only 2-3 days against a normal duration of 4-6 days. Continue reading “Reduced bleeding during periods while using natural conception, feeling nauseous and tired – is it pregnancy?” »

Is it possible to become pregnant after family planning operation (tubal ligation)?

I had an operation of tubal ligation (family planning operation) about 3 years back after the birth of my son. Thereafter, I have been having regular periods. Duration of the periods has been varied, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter. This time, the period lasted for a very short duration, even less than 2 days. Continue reading “Is it possible to become pregnant after family planning operation (tubal ligation)?” »

Eczema Treatment What S A Pregnant Woman With Eczema To Do

A woman with eczema during pregnancy is swamped with a lot of concerns. Should she continue her typical eczema treatment? Will it not have some nasty effects on the baby she’s carrying in her womb? It’s normal for her to be concerned about both her and her baby’s health when it comes to taking medications, since side effects obviously expose the two of them to certain risks. Continue reading “Eczema Treatment What S A Pregnant Woman With Eczema To Do” »

Mood Swings In Women

Mood swings, also known as mood disorder, are experienced by twice as many females as males. Studies also show that mood swings in women tend to be longer and more manic. There are various reasons why women suffer from mood swings and determining its cause is one of the best ways to help affected individuals get over them. Continue reading “Mood Swings In Women” »

Pregnancy – what is a preconception doctor visit and is it necessary?

Planning on getting pregnant is a very exciting and miraculous part in a woman’s life.  When you decide that you are ready to have a baby, you are required to begin a process that would involve physical, emotional, and mental changes. You may need to assess your current situation both with your body and state of mind to help you prepare for this magical experience. Continue reading “Pregnancy – what is a preconception doctor visit and is it necessary?” »

Diabetes and Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, there are number of things you have to ensure for you as well as your baby’s health. And if you are prone with diabetes, then you need to be extra cautious and take extra safety measures to have a healthy pregnancy. Studies have shown that babies born to ladies with diabetes have a greater risk for birth defects due to high blood glucose levels and ketones that may pass through the placenta to your baby. Continue reading “Diabetes and Pregnancy” »

Pregnancy Care – Healthy Tips for you and your baby

Pregnancy is the most wonderful and memorable period in the life of a woman and her partner, along with her friends, family and relatives. This is the time when you will be facing different kinds of changes in your life like emotional, social, corpeal, etc. It is the time you are sitting on the peak of motherhood and an entire life is dependent on you for its survival. Continue reading “Pregnancy Care – Healthy Tips for you and your baby” »

“Pregnancy Miracle” Review

Pregnancy Miracle Method. This is where Lisa Olson’s “Pregnancy Miracle” comes in. Written by an author who has been in exactly the same shoes as the couple described above. Lisa’s book offers something that the objective doctor cannot, and that’s the insight of someone who has been there, done all the research, and most importantly, successfully became pregnant with two happy and healthy children. Continue reading ““Pregnancy Miracle” Review” »

Best Supplements For Pregnancy

Why Are Supplements Important During Pregnancy. Being malnourished can drastically increase the chance of your baby being born with a defect or being born unhealthy. The baby developing inside of you can only feed off what you put into your body, and if there simply isn’t enough of a certain chemical or protein, then this could quite easily hinder it’s growth. Continue reading “Best Supplements For Pregnancy” »

Natural Ways To Get Pregnant

How To Get Pregnant Naturally. Enjoy That Sunshine. Sunshine is good for everyone. It gives you the vitamin D that will help you stay happy and more energetic during the day. Someone who has a deficiency in vitamin D may be more prone to suffer from disorders such as depression, bone pain and muscle weakness which is bad for normal people, but can be devastating to pregnant women. Continue reading “Natural Ways To Get Pregnant” »

Chinese Fertility Herbs

Do Chinese Fertility Herbs Work? Among a whole load of other things, one area where many men and women have found success in use of Chinese medicine is the treatment of infertility. Although scientific studies remain inconclusive, clinical studies done in China show that as much as 70% of all cases of fertility issues have been resolved using just simple mixtures of herbs. Continue reading “Chinese Fertility Herbs” »

Pregnancy Planner

 Planning A Pregnancy. The process of planning a pregnancy doesn’t need to be as difficult as you may think. We’ve broken it up into smaller steps you will need to think about and work on to make sure both you and your partner are well informed as to what you need to do at each stage. Continue reading “Pregnancy Planner” »

Best Pregnancy Books

One of the best ways to get prepared for the conception or the arrival of your baby is to read as much as you can about it. Choosing the right books to read during this period of your life can be difficult, and it’s a fine line between a book that is informative and a book that scares the soon-to-be mothers. Continue reading “Best Pregnancy Books” »