I am twenty seven years of age. I went to the dentist for routine dental check-up. I do not have any problem but my dentist told me that I have cavities in two teeth. I am not able to understand as to how can I have cavities in my teeth? Now I am worried whether my children are having cavities or not. Please let me know as to what will be their complaints if there is cavity in the tooth. What are the treatments available for it? What material is generally used for filling the cavities and which material has long lasting or better results?

Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): Tooth decay is sometime insidious in nature, it just goes unnoticed and unalarmed, but may lead to bigger problems in future. The general lifestyle of the society is as such changing, dental decay is becoming very common. The food we eat  is somewhere or the other rich in sugar, which is main thriving substance for the cavity causing organisms. Sometimes there are no symptoms for the cavity in the teeth, but on the other-hand cavitation might have symptoms of food lodgement, pain and sensitivity to hot and cold, sensitivity to sweet and sour. You should follow the norms of regular dental check up for all the members of family every six months to avoid serious circumstances. There are in general two types of material used for filling cavities: tooth Coloured and non tooth coloured. Tooth coloured includes cements and ceramics and non tooth Coloured are silver and gold filling. Fillings which are preferred longevity wise is generally silver and composites which do last for longer duration, but that depends on your maintenance, if it  is poor the filling might not last long.

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