What causes sensitive teeth? My teeth have become sensitive to hot and cold. I have also noticed that my gums bleed quite often while brushing. Is this inflammation or some other problem of gums. Is there any infection in the gums? How do we get infection of the gums and how can it be taken care? Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): Dental sensitivity have various causes, oral habits, gastric acidity, improper oral hygiene, bruxism, use of abrasive teeth cleaning agents, improper brushing techniques, overconsumption of acidic or citrate beverages etc. Bleeding gums are manifestations of vitamin C deficiency, plaque and tartar developing on teeth, improper brushing technique, systemic disease etc. Картинки по запросу dental sensitivityInvestigation is required to find the cause of bleeding gums in your mouth. Consult your dentist for the same. Most commonly infection of gums is caused by Improper brushing and oral hygiene neglect, there are various other causes also like diabetes, immunological disorders, blood disorder, vitamin deficiency etc. Following proper oral hygiene practice, regular scaling and cleaning of teeth by professionals will prevent serious consequences. Treating other systemic disorder will make gums less prone to infections.

*Dr. Chirag Semlani is a Dental Surgeon, running his dental clinic in Khernagar, Bandra East, Mumbai, India.

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