Some of the causes of coronary heart disease include hardening of the arteries, blockages from cholesterol, and thickening in the walls of the blood vessels or from loss of vascular elasticity. High blood pressure if untreated may also contribute to coronary heart disease and even stroke. Typically, coronary heart disease is most prevalent in the age groups forty to seventy years and is the cause of most heart attacks. However coronary heart disease is a relatively easily preventable condition, provided that people educate themselves of the causes and treatment options.

A Diagnosis Is Usually Made Too Late

Often the diagnosis of coronary heart disease only takes place following the incidence of a heart attack or stroke during later life although the causes of the coronary heart disease may have begun quite early in the life of the patient sometimes even beginning in the adolescent years. Therefore the sooner a diagnosis of coronary heart disease can be made the better. This can prevent early development of the illness and perhaps stop the patient from undergoing a medical emergency.Картинки по запросу heart disease

Many factors contribute to the causes of coronary heart disease, factors such as high blood pressure, obesity, smoking and diabetes. It is also considered vital to exercise in order prevent this illness. Men may be more prone to coronary heart disease but it has also been noted that coronary heart disease does occur in menopausal women after the age of sixty – five, and in patients who have suffered from other arterial disease or infections.

An understanding of the facts regarding the origins of causes of coronary heart disease and the knowledge that it is preventable would create a major awareness of how to put a stop to the illness. It is a fact that prevention is better than cure. It is pointed out that that anyone who feels they might be at risk for coronary heart disease should attend regular physical check -ups with their physician and to adhere to any instructions given to them.

Having knowledge of the causes of coronary heart disease will assist with regard to taking proper preventive measures. Many of these measures include regular monitoring of cholesterol levels in the body, and taking action to lessen these levels. Sustaining a healthy body weight and eating foods that have been determined to assist in the maintenance of heart health and prevention of coronary heart disease are a good start. Good health is not something that can be easily regained once it is lost. It is very precious and a change of lifestyle including regular exercise will be extremely valuable in promoting good health and eliminating many causes of coronary heart disease. This will assist you in the quest to be happier, healthier, stronger and live a longer more fulfilled life.

Should you suspect that you might be suffering from coronary heart disease, you must make sure and make an appointment to see your physician without delay! Your physician will have a good understanding of this condition and is qualified to make available the correct treatment and lifestyle protocols for your particular illness. The various causes of coronary heart disease can be treated and improved and treatment can prevent many other serious medical conditions from occurring.

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