When celebrity fads go international, the French women don’t get fat diet is the likely result. The assertion of course rests on the fact that Parisian women, by and large, are not suffering from the obesity epidemic the way American women are. This of course flies in the face of common sense and popular wisdom which showcases that drinking wine, enjoying fatty cheeses, and even eating carbohydrate laden breads should lead to some kind of weight increase if not downright obesity.

Celebrity fads that go international usually take their suggestions from an observed anomaly or simply from discussing matter with friends and other in the business that might have some connections to the country in question, and before long a new diet fad is born that is eagerly followed by those needing to lose a few pounds.

At the heart of the French women don’t get fat diet is the notion that Parisian women do not eat until they are ready to burst, but they only eat until they are comfortable. In the same vein, they supposedly do not have big meals but instead spend their days grazing steadily and thus keep their metabolism on an even keel for the entire day. This of course very much flies in the face of conventional wisdom in the United States where three conventional meals are calorie laden affairs.

What the French diet is also seeking to impart on the dieter is the idea of choosing quality over quantity. If you have the understanding that you will not eat until you are gorging yourself, the odds are a lot better that you will opt for the more expensive but also healthier cut of meat or quality of produce. Speaking of produce, those in the know assert that Parisian women enjoy a lot of fruit but also many veggies as part of their daily diet and therefore a consistent intake of fiber assists in fostering the feelings of fullness.

Perhaps the one area where the inventors of the diet and reality part way is the assertion that Parisian women do not partake in sugary treats. Instead, Paris is well known for its confections and thus the notion that there is little temptation in that regard is somewhat off. Overall, this is a common sense diet approach that stresses healthy, whole veggies and lean meats, seeks to keep the dieter away from fried or sugary foods, and emphasis the eating when hungry not to appease the clock philosophy of caloric intake.

This makes it one of the more logical and perhaps even easy to follow diets, also when celebrity fads go international, there is no telling what the next fad diet will be or from where it will hail. This diet has become so popular, that it has been introduced to a variety of other countries already, and if you believe the creator of this stunning little piece of diet history, there are many more things to come out of the common sense approach to nutrition and life

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