Richard Simmons and his diet plan are virtually synonymous. Although he was thought to be a product of the 1980s who would eventually fade into the sunset like so many other celebrity fad diets, Richard Simmons has defied the odds and instead of shrinking away eventually, he is still front and center advocating good health and overall fitness with the heal of his diet plan.As celebrity Richard Simmons continues undeterred, so do many of the subscribers. For about $10 per month, dieters can sign up for a membership and then have the option of receiving food planning help, encouragement, and also help with continuing on in their efforts to lose more weight. The diet itself is low calorie but sustainable at about 1,200 to 1,500 per day.

Пов’язане зображенняUnlike the Atkins and South Beach diet that gave rise to the recent low carbohydrate and high protein fads, the Richard Simmons endorsed and developed diet relies heavily on carbohydrates while going easy on fat and proteins. In essence, it is a direct reversal of other available weight loss programs that advocate a distinct cut back in the amounts of a number of carbs that may be consumed at any given time.

There are not any Hollywood celebs that cop to sweating to the oldies or playing the Deal-A-Meal game; after all, the newer fad diets are currently the rage with celebrities all around. There is, however, something to be said for a celebrity diet creator and endorser who simply will not quit and does not go away and whose diet approach still finds plenty of converts.

Perhaps the biggest reason for his success is his sincerity. Although unabashedly flamboyant, he is sincere in caring for each and every individual dieter and as such his supportive personality helps those who would normally not dare set foot inside a gym or even consider themselves able to lose the weight that has been piling on. It is this very supportive environment that differs even from the Weight Watchers approach where accountability is a much more present component.

Although it is hard to tell if Richard Simmons and his diet will continue on for the next 20 years, he does acknowledge tongue in cheek that he and most everyone he knows is getting older and this of course presents a whole new set of dieting challenges. As such he has produced fitness and exercise videos that appeal to a broad range of age groups and also fitness levels and since the plan will age with you, you are certain to remain on the road to health, physical fitness and a healthy weight now and as you get older and even after you have shed all the weight you are trying to get rid of.

With a diet plan that has been around as long as the Simmons plan and considering that celebrity Richard Simmons continues undeterred in his pursuit of health and fitness one dieter at a time, the success of many more is undoubtedly assured.

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