It has been reported that celebrity Tyra Banks loves the Adkins diet and it is evident that it loves her back. Starting out in her celebrity walk as a supermodel, Tyra Banks is not strangers to diets, fad diets, unhealthy food choices, and of course the ever present pressure to be thinner to carry off the newest look. She nonetheless is one of the celebrities that has a healthy looking figure that some would consider full yet without being fat.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Tyra Banks diet"This sets her apart from the skeletal Hollywood celebrities that look sickly rather than skinny and who have a hard time finding clothes that do not hang off them as though they were an ill formed clothes hanger. Instead, Tyra Banks has soft curves, looks attractive and-most importantly-she looks healthy. This is the kind of look that many dieters can relate to as they know deep down in their hearts that the sickly skinny look of so many Hollywood celebrities simply is not conducive to real life living.

Celebrity Tyra Banks loves the Adkins diet and she has credited it with helping her shed some unsightly pounds she piled on as a result of her love for less than ideal snack options. She is known to enjoy the occasional diet no-no, but she states that she makes up for it by making plenty of healthy choices in addition.

Tyra Banks states she enjoys lean chicken and also shrimp salads for her many meals, since they are quintessential Adkins fare: high in protein and low in carbohydrates. In addition, they are known to be low in fat and thus make for the perfect diet fare. In addition to the foregoing, she has let on that she enjoys soups to fill her up, provide her with vital nutrients, but at the same time prevent her from taking in too many calories. Soups make her feel full and when prepared properly, they are very easy on the caloric intake while they can be very rich in taste and flavor.

Some of her little concessions to snacking are dips which may not be exactly what Dr. Atkins had in mind, but she seeks to make her dieting right again by pairing them with vegetables instead of chips. Tyra Banks has been quoted as saying that onion dip is her hands down favorite approach to dipping anything, and she is known to succumb to the temptation of the dip frequently-always with veggies!

The Adkins diet is one of the celebrity diets that are teetering on the edge of being declared a fad, but because so many positive reports about it are available the final judgment is still out. The fact that it advocates a serious elimination of a large percentage of the carbohydrate food group makes it suspect in the eyes of dieticians while the suggestion that more protein and meat should be enjoyed makes it worrisome to heart focused physicians and is a thorn in the side of animal welfare organizations.

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