Chickenpox affects a child and catches a child unawares. Treatment is mainly for reducing the symptoms and for making the child comfortable. There are many ways you could do it. There are ways to do it.

Apply a soothing cream so that it would not itch much. Calamine lotion and such gels help you to reduce the itchy feeling. Have a dose of the medicine at bedtime. These are available in the pharmacies. These antihistamines help to reduce the itch. Do not have fingernails as these nails increase the itches when you scratch on the blisters. A paracetamol can reduce the temperature, as having fever is very common at this time.

Let the clothes not wear too heavy clothes. Keep the clothes as light as possible. It is not right to wrap a child who is already having blisters and fever. The main aim is to avoid overheating the body. Let the child have lot of fluids. If the child wants to drink, give him as much fluids as possible.

Chickenpox in ChildAvoid cold sponging the child with fever. This was a very common method in olden days but it is not advised these days. This is because the blood vessels got narrower when the water is very cold. This brings down the heat loss and helps to trap the heat in deeper parts of the body. The child thus could get worse and find the entire process uncomfortable.

Earlier people used to use a fan to help to cool the child. This is not a good bet as the air under the fan is very cold and the gentle flow of air in the room could really be helpful. Open the window and help the child with a fan on the other side of the room. This helps the air to circulate. Chickenpox and child care is thus have to be handled with a lot of care.

Learn all about chickenpox and how you could deal with it easily.

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