Chickenpox is the common name for the Varicella-zoster virus. The child has mild symptoms of moderate fever and is quieter in nature and not as active. The fever and inactivity shows up 1-2 days before the first rash appears. Once the rash first appears and until the 6th day, the chickenpox is very contagious. But once the rash lesions crust over, the chickenpox is not transmittable. The rash is very itchy and most commonly found on the body trunk. Chickenpox, for the most part, is not serious in children, but the itching from the rash is the most common complaint. But it is very important to keep the child from scratching the rash, because the fluid in the rash vesicles is what causes the spread of the rash. Within 20 days the rash should all have crusted and starting to disappear.
Chickenpox in adults is called Shingles and is more serious in nature.

Whooping Cough

More and more cases of Whooping Cough are being found throughout the United States. Whooping Cough is also known as Pertussis and is a bacterial infectious disease. The multiple and rapid coughs has an inspiratory whoop at the end, and the basis for the common name of the disease. Whooping cough is very contagious because it’s airborne throughout the air for 7-14 days. The mucus in the nose and throat and very thin and first but then gets thicker. Gagging, vomiting and choking on the mucus while coughing is common for the child. After 4 weeks the coughing starts to disappear and the child starts to feel better. For the most part, rest, quiet and hydration is all that’s needed for the child to get over this disease, but occasionally hospitalization if needed for the very ill child.

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