Whether you prefer Starbucks, Barney’s or Joffrey’s, have your morning cup of java guilt-free. The latest research has indicated that there are positive health benefits regarding coffee consumption and the prevention of numerous health concerns, including but not limited to chronic degenerative diseases, which are unfortunately on the rise in the United States. Coffee’s Antioxidant Powers – The Latest Buzz . A recent study focusing on the relationship between coffee consumption and diabetes in women has further substantiated the existing belief that antioxidants may aid in the improvement of health. “Drinking lots of coffee cut women’s risk of developing diabetes in an 11-year study, researchers report. But it was the antioxidants, not caffeine, in the brew that probably did the trick. … In fact, diabetes risk was reduced most in participants who preferred decaffeinated coffee, the researchers said.” (HealthDay by Medline Plus) The research was conducted and led by Mark A. Pereira, an associate professor of epidemiology and community health at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Картинки по запросу Coffee Antioxidant

This study showed that a 22% decrease in risk of type 2 diabetes with those women who drank more than 6 cups of coffee daily and a 33% decrease in risk of those who drank more than 6 cups a day of decaffeinated coffee. Although this study focused on women, other studies demonstrate an even bigger reduction in the risk for men who consume the antioxidant rich beverage. Chlorogenic acid is another component of coffee that may assist in preventing diabetes. According to Harvard researcher Rob van Dam, chlorogenic acid may slow the absorption of sugars within cells of the body.

Coffee consumption is one of the many so-called “bad habits” that Americans have an insatiable appetite for. According to Forbes.com, “In the U.S. alone—which is the world’s largest coffee consumer—the National Coffee Association of U.S.A. (NCA) estimates that retail sales alone are $19.2 billion.” While caffeine addiction has received a lot of negative attention from the press, coffee consumption is not without its benefits.

Coffee is also known to increase stamina when working out, increase focus, and reduce the occurrence of suicide, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Colon Cancer, heart disease, and more. While the benefits of coffee are apparent, this does not mean that excessive amounts of coffee within our diet is healthy. It does mean that we should take note that drinking coffee can be a healthy addition to any diet and that one of its many positive attributes are its levels of antioxidants.

Like anything in life, moderation is a key element to success. Too much caffeine can be detrimental to our health. Consider drinking small amounts of the caffeinated variety, and substitute the rest with the decaffeinated variety later in the day. Do not add excessive amounts of cream and sugar (maybe try honey as a substitute). Stick to eating fresh fruits and vegetables everyday, and take an antioxidant supplement.

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