Detoxification is a way to remove toxins from body or neutralising them or changing them to other forms. Most of the toxins enter our body from external sources like our diet, use of drugs and other environmental exposures. Internally cholesterol and oxidised fats, free radicals etc. act like toxins.Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Colon Detoxification"Detoxification involves changes in diet and lifestyle which reduces the intake of toxins.

Detoxifying colon requires incorporation of probiotics in diet to replenish intestinal flora.

Colon cancer is believed to be one of the highest cause of cancer deaths in world. Bowel movements are basis of your health. With time mans dietary habit has changed a lot.

Bowel movements are considered to be the basis of one’s health. One should at least have 1 bowel movement per day, otherwise you are under constant threat of having disease. There has not been appreciable change n the man’s body, however man’s eating habit had undergone a noticeable change. All the white flour, refined sugar, meats consisting of antibiotic or harmone which are constantly ingest by us is considered as assault on the bodies. We are continuously harming our bodies by eating such type of food. Colon cancer which is considered as the second leading cause of deaths related to cancer in US.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Colon Detoxification"So, all toxins and congestion must be eliminated and removed and it must start with the cleaning of bowel. A Colon cleansing involves removing of Plaque known as Mucoid from colon. Body can be weaken by even a thin layer of Mucous. It has been found that a colon in good condition weighs 4 pounds and a colon gets congested with 40 pounds of Plaque known as Mucoid. A Colon detoxification program makes one’s body ready for good health by removing Mucoid plaque. Colon detoxification program involves diet which is rich in vegetables and raw fruits so that the digestive system is free from Mucoid plaque and toxins cannot be build and food will be digested fully.

Bowel Cleanse or Colon Cleanse or cleaning of intestine all refers to therapy for cleaning bowel which takes few weeks or up to one month. Colon cleansing is a process in which many supplements which includes herb to kill parasites and worms are use, it also involves fasting for few days. An effective colon detoxification program always involve removing of waste in colon

Colon toxification could result in distortion of its shape as well as its function. It could stretch like balloon or develop in to diverticula or fall down upon it-self (prolapsed colon). The colon detoxification affects the functioning of large intestine to great extent. The colon acts like sewer system of the body and if not healed properly can accumulate toxic which are then absorbed in bloodstream and could lead to many diseases.

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