Question: I have few cavities in my teeth. I don’t have money for the treatment. What can happen if I do not get these cavities filled by the dentist. Is there any option which is cheaper than filling. What, if the infection spread to my jaw bone and damage it? Is there any ayurvedic / natural treatment for tooth cavities? Please suggest me precautions so that my teeth remain healthy and I don’t need  to spend money for the treatment.

Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): Dental decay if neglected can lead to serious consequences. It can lead to deeper cavitation with pain involvement, if further neglected can lead to infection in the jaw bone. If infection spreads to jaw bone it will create swelling inside the bone which have serious outcome. Картинки по запросу dental cavitiesGetting cavity filled will be much more easier and affordable also. You can visit government dental hospitals or charitable institutions where the treatment cost will be very less compared to private clinics. There are no natural or ayurvedic treatment for cavities as per my knowledge. Maintaining proper oral hygiene by brushing, flossing and regular usage of  mouthwash will prevent most of the dental problems. Regular dental check up with regular scaling and cleaning by dental professionals will help you prevention of any ongoing dental issues.

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