The WHO expert committee on prevention of coronary artery disease proposed a comprehensive plan for the primary prevention of cad.

The principles of preventing cardiac disease are as follows:-

– altering the life styles and environmental characteristics: under this strategy, the aim is to reduce the risk factors in population. To achieve this all section of the community is essential. government should take action and need to make policies to prevent cardiac diseases. voluntary organizations, medical and nursing professionals, should create health awareness in people.

What do we need to prevent coronary artery diseases?

-we need to change our life styles and habits. our health is very valuable, and health is wealth. Necessary life style modifications are as follows.

– Avoid excess consuming of fatty foods.
– Maximally reduce the smoking habit.
– If you are smoking 20 cigars per day reduce it to 10 in next week. At the month end you should manage by 1 or 2 cigars a day. If you give up cigar immediately, it might be very difficult for you. So chronically reduce the number of cigars and one day you can drop it completely. Within a month or two month you can give up cigars easily. If it becomes very difficult, you can go for chewing gum, mints for some days. Try this and have good health.

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