I have been advised by my dentist for regular flossing of teeth, for keeping good dental health. A week ago while flossing my teeth, my gums were badly hurt as the floss went deep into my gums. I had bleeding from my gums which stopped after sometime without any treatment but I still feel pain. I can see a swelling in that area and some pus(?) like material  coming out. I could feel that the cut is deep into my gums. What should I do? Please explain me the correct method for dental Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): Flossing is a good method to maintain hygiene  in between the teeth. You should use proper technique for that purpose. This video will help you in this regard. Just be gentle when you do flossing and don’t forcefully insert in the gum. Do refer to the nearby dentist for the pus discharge and pain related to the tooth you have.

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