The condition of our teeth says a lot about how well we take care of ourselves. You can be the most beautiful or handsomest person in the room, and if your teeth are discolored or chipped or even missing, the natural beauty is overshadowed. Cosmetic dentistry offers a full range of dental procedures that cover from bare essentials in tooth maintenance to elaborate procedures that alter many of our teeth. How much you modify your teeth depends upon the teeth problems.

Barely There

Modern dentistry is a science, but it is also an art form. Teeth are reshaped, molded, filed, polished, filled and crowned. The procedures range from simple fillings that are barely there to complete coverage of the existing tooth. The cosmetic dentistry profession is always developing new techniques for teeth maintenance and repair. Following is a partial list of cosmetic dentistry procedures now available.

  • Fillings have been done for decades but now they can be color matched to your existing teeth
  • Teeth can be reshaped to correct jagged edges or chips in the tooth
  • Implants are used to replace one or more missing teeth
  • Veneers are thin pieces of enamel applied to correct discoloration or a poorly shaped tooth
  • Decayed teeth can be restored with bonding resin
  • Discoloration can be erased with teeth whitening bleaching procedures
  • Dentures and bridges replace missing teeth
  • Teeth that are cracked or worn can be crowned
  • Root canals eliminate infection in a tooth
  • Enamel shaping can improve a poorly formed tooth

Cosmetic dentistry can work unimaginable wonders now with teeth. Scientific advances in techniques and materials have resulted in procedures that make teeth better looking than genetics bestowed.

Baring It All

If you have ever been afraid to smile too wide because of the condition of your teeth, cosmetic dentistry will make you want to bare your smile to everyone. At one time, simple fillings were made out of materials that did not match natural tooth color. They stood out like a foreign object in your mouth. Today, the new porcelains can be color matched. If your teeth are discolored, you can use whitening procedures to brighten your teeth first. Then the dentist can match the crowns or caps to the brighter white color. The interesting fact about teeth is that our teeth are actually different colors. An expert dentist will be able to match to the tooth being filling or covered.

But cosmetic dentistry is not just about fillings and appearance. Cosmetic dentistry can also include Orthodontics. This specialty deals with correcting misalignment of the teeth and jawbones for a correct bite. Occlusal problems can be serious and affect a person’s ability to eat normally. Included in orthodontics are also braces that realign teeth.

Au Naturel

The goal of any cosmetic dentistry is to give a natural appearance to your teeth and your smile. It may require the dentist using a combination of the many procedures available. Each tooth needing dental work must be evaluated. By using one of the many cosmetic dentistry options available, you can be assured that you will get the best smile possible. And everyone likes to see you smile!

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