Could we be in the midst of a breakthrough in the world of aging? It seems that the FDA has been set to meet up with some researchers to approve a trial pill that could help slow down the aging process. The main idea behind the development of the pill is that with the possibility of slowing down the aging process, there may also be a possibility to delay the onset of diseases in the body. The drug is metformin, and if approved, thousands of patients who suffer from cancer, heart disease or cognitive impairments will be given the pill.

The results that the researchers will be looking out for will be the slowing down of the spread of the diseases. If the pill proves itself successful, then researchers may begin to have a clue into how to slow down the aging process as well. However, with the news of this pill coming into development, many people have begun to beg the ethical question of whether this will be a good find for humanity in the long run. Many researchers have attempted to stifle the discussion by explaining that immortality is not the quest being sought after.

Stephanie Lederman, executive director of the American Federation for Aging Research in New York, spoke to Nature in regards to the topic in this manner stating, “The perception is that we are all looking for a fountain of youth. We want to avoid that; what we’re trying to do is increase health span, not look for eternal life.”

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