Question: I have crown on three molar teeth. Are tea, coffee, sticky chocolates and hard candies harmful for normal and crown teeth? How can they spoil the teeth? What special care do I need to take for my crown teeth? Please tell me what can be done for receding gums. Will this affect my teeth? Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): Tea, coffee, hard candies and sticky chocolates are harmful for both natural and artificial crowns. Tea coffee causes teeth discolouration of natural and artificial teeth. Candies and sticky chocolates stay for longer duration on natural teeth surface and can cause cavitation. Candies and sticky chocolates might cause sometimes fracture of crowns and loss of cementation of the crown from sound tooth. Картинки по запросу dentistReceding gums if not arrested can lead to loss of teeth. Recession of gum is common periodontal problem. Various treatments are available firstly the causative agent should be removed, sometimes gum replacement surgery can be done, combination of orthodontics and periodontics therapy might save the loss. Consult your periodontist for further detail.

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