Many people have had problems with acne. They start when puberty begins and hormones are surging and shifting. It can strike again when a woman begins hormonal shifts while pregnant or the beginning of menopause. Scars can result if the acne is untreated or severe. The more drastic approach to acne scars is a medical procedure called dermal abrasion. There are other methods to treat acne and acne scars.

Treating acne will reduce scarring on the face. Open pores are an invitation to acne and the resulting scars. Rub ice on the face for ten to fifteen minutes every day to close pores. A piece of tomato will help reduce large pores and reduce blackheads. This treatment is great for oily skin.Картинки по запросу Curing Acne

If you have especially oily skin, do not wash the face with soap and water. Use lukewarm salty water in the morning and evening to remove oils. This will clean the skin without drying. If the acne is severe, it should be exposed to the sun and air as much as possible.

Getting the proper rest will help reduce skin problems. Eat a healthy diet; include leafy green vegetables, fresh fruit and vegetables. Practicing good health habits and reducing stress will help clear acne. Avoid rich foods including chocolate, large amounts of sugar, and nuts.

The scars left because of acne can be devastating especially to young people. There are great home cures to help the scarring problem. Many use ingredients you find in your home. For instance, rubbing a ripe banana peel across the face will help scarring. You may also use fresh banana mashed to a pulp as a facial mask. Leave it on for 15 minutes then wash with lukewarm water.

Aloe Vera juice can be applied twice a day to heal scars of acne. With using home cures for acne scars, drink a minimum of eight glasses of water every day. Decaffeinated tea and coffee count toward this water count. Drink fruit juices and avoid sweetened drinks. A Vitamin A tablet may be added to this regime.

Cucumber juice applied to the face for 15 minutes will help reduce scars. A lemon rubbed over your skin will also help. Separate eggs and use the egg whites as a mask on the face. Leave this on until it dries then remove with warm water. Raw garlic, another standby used in many home cures, is effective if rubbed into the skin several times every day.

Ingredients found at a health food store make wonderful home cures. Many essential oils are found that work wonders for acne and other scars. One useful buy would be sandalwood powder. A paste made with the powder and black gram dal (masoor) is applied to the face and left overnight. Wash the face with cold water the next morning.

Crush mint leaves and tie them in a piece of muslin cloth and squeeze the juice. Apply the juice on the face. This works well for acne spots and blackheads. Ripe black seeds of the Gulbaaz plant have a white portion inside them. Use this to make a thick paste by adding water. Apply the mixture to the scars and let it remain until it dries. This is a great home cure for acne or for other scars.

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