Cylert (pemoline)

Cylert (pemoline). The ADHD medication of last resort, used only if nothing else will get that goddamn kid to sit still and shut the fuck up for five minutes. This is the other med with which we have no experience, but for good reason. Concerta we have yet to try, while Cylert has a big black-box warning about liver failure and it states right in the patient information sheet, “CYLERT should not ordinarily be considered as first line drug therapy for ADHD.” Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Cylert pills"That’s drug company speak for “try everything else first.” It figures that it’s one of the few drugs in this guide that might actually be safe to use during pregnancy. Oh how the universe loves to play these little jokes on us. It won’t harm your unborn child, but it might kill you first.  Rather, it might kill that goddamn kid who won’t shut the hell up for five freaking minutes.  Reports of adults dropping dead from liver failure are a lot harder to find, but adults might be getting more reliable liver panels.  Other than one guy taking it for narcolepsy who had an enlarged prostate, no freaky side effects (not counting the sudden deaths from liver failure). The mean half-life is about 12 hours. The initial dose is 37.5mg taken in the morning. This is increased by 18.75mg at weekly intervals as required. The effective daily dose for most patients will range from 56.25 to 75mg. The maximum daily dose of Cylert is 112.5mg. You probably won’t find it at an overseas pharmacy, and it’s likely restricted anyway. The price varies slightly by potency, and as these are chewables you can split them to save money. Otherwise it’s about $40-100 a month.

Brand-name Cylert is being discontinued.  Abbott blames crappy sales.  Consumer groups claim it’s a safety issue.  Regardless, this continues a pattern of Abbott getting out of the stimulant market, as they did with Desoxyn.  Generic pemoline may be available for for an indefinite period of time.  If it has been the only med to help you or your kid (and this is a med of last resort), stock up now.

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