Chocolate lovers seems to have reason to celebrate. Not only that chocolate is a proven aphrodisiac, but it has certain medicinal properties. Paige Kollock reports. Substance named flavonoid is in many fruits, vegetables, tea and red wine. Its medicinal properties are long known to doctors, and now they found it in chocolate. Cornelia Crystal, who likes chocolate is delighted. – I eat chocolate almost every day. Others, such as John Sutcliffe are skeptical. – I can not imagine that further consuming chocolate improves health, but I believe that it is healthy in small quantities.

This research in Italy was overseen by one American doctor. He tested only twenty patients, too little to start prescribing chocolate. Patients who ate a rib of cooking chocolate every day during the two weeks had lower blood pressure and better circulation than those who ate white chocolate, with no flavonoid. In patients was also noted lower level of cholesterol in the blood, and proved that dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids. The owner of the company for the production of chocolates Schakolad Sam Aboulhosn said that he has already noticed the impact of this research on his business. – When report saw daylight last week, he started selling more dark chocolate. Especially strawberry meld with this type of chocolate. We offer them chocolate meld with milk, but people are more interested in chocolate with fruit.

However, do not overreact . Patients who participated in this study ate only one rib of chocolate a day, however, doctors also warn that, if you care about your weight and weight loss diet plan, chocolate, perhaps is not the best solution when it comes to consuming more flavonoids.

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