Dengue Fever is a viral infection. It is caused by a virus called Dengue Virus. This virus is entered into human body through the bite of a female carrier mosquito. When a female carrier mosquito bites a human for the sake of her dietary requirements from human blood, at that particular extent the dengue virus induced in human body. The same is happened in Malaria. A speci of mosquitoes is responsible for dengue fever. These mosquitoes can bite human at any time in the day. Any carrier mosquito can cause dengue infection which later on causes dengue fever.

If a human is a carrier of dengue virus and a female mosquito bites that human, dengue virus will be transferred and the mosquito become a carrier. Dengue virus multiply in a human at a certain level then causes Dengue Fever.Картинки по запросу Dengue Fever
Dengue Fever Symptoms: The following signs & symptoms may appear in dengue fever.
(1) High fever (all at sudden)
(2) Headache specially behind the eyes
(3) Muscles & joint pain
(4) Skin rashes
(5) Sever weakness
Dengue Fever Prevention Tips: Dengue fever is very dangerous for human life. Preventive measures must be taken  against it. As dengue fever is caused by the bite of mosquitoes so keeping away from mosquitoes is the only way to safety. We should keep the environment around us clean so that mosquitoes can’t breed. We must arrange nets in the windows and ventilators. We should cover the water tanks. If unfortunately your environment is not safe then keep your hands and feet covered in the morning & evening because mostly mosquitos bite at these times.

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