My daughter is three years of age. I want her to have healthy teeth so that she will remain comfortable and healthy in her life. How can I take care of her teeth? How often should I get her check-up done. Please guide me in detail about his teeth care. Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): Teeth cleaning habits should be started in children at very early age. First dental visit should be at around first birthday. Follow up for check up should be every six months, but may vary for caries prone children. First age dental visit should concentrate on teething and eruption patterns how to maintain oral cavity fluorides and its uses diet and oral health relation oral habits and their prevention. Taking care of children teeth can be done by indulging into proper brushing technique. A proper diet control as to avoid sticky food and eating tooth friendly food. Dentist will guide you through a proper oral hygiene technique and other diet related issues.

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