Depression  is a constant mood disorder. It is a very serious condition. Men & women can be a victim of depression. But It is observed that ratio in women suffering from depression is far more than in men. There are lot of reasons for this issue. It does not mean that men are rarely suffering from depression. Modern era is full of tension. Awareness through media is at its peak. Nothing can be hide from the eyes of people. Modern individual is well aware of day to day happening in the world. Deteriorated socioeconomic condition in the society put bad effects in human health.

Extra burden on the nerves which turns into depression. Women are very sensitive in nature. They have to face some extra problems which are associated with their lives in this men dominated society. Therefore they mostly suffer from depression. Some teenagers in the start of  MENSES  feel uncomfort and suffer from depression. But age group from 25 to 40 in women is mostly the victim of depression. Depression informationAs women are sensitive regarding their body shape and age. Mostly hormonal changes occur in women between the age of 25 to 40 and their body shape and mood rapidly change which most of the women can’t face and suffer in depression. If depression is not properly treated by a  PSYCHIATRIST, it may cause serious health problems in women. Before we have some know how about depression we must know the symptoms of depression.
Symptoms of Depression:
Depression information(1)  Lack of interest in daily happenings
(2) Rapid weight loss or weight gain
(3) Deep sleep or insomnia (sleeplessness)
(4) Lethargy
(5) Suicidal attempts
(6) Hopelessness
(7) Pessimistic attitude
(8) Lack of appetite
(9) Guilty feelings
If anyone suffering with most of the symptoms as above must consult with a psychiatrist.
It is observed that most of the individuals suffer from depression due to life threatening diseases like  AIDSHYPERTENSIONHEART DISEASES  and many more.

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