Desoxyn (methamphetamine)

Desoxyn (methamphetamine). Crystal meth isn’t just for bikers living in trailers out in the Central Valley. There’s a movement to rehabilitate as an ADD medication. For Mouse it was the only med that really worked. Unfortunately her dose was a little too high and she started having all the problems you get from not sleeping – paranoia, hallucinations, mildly psychotic behavior, that sort of thing. Пов’язане зображенняBut those problems didn’t manifest until close to a year and a half of her being on the dose she was on. For me Desoxyn worked well some of the time, while other times it worked a little too well, and other days he was so paralyzed with anxiety he couldn’t get out of bed until I took enough lorazepam to move around for about an hour before passing out. All in all we think that Desoxyn should be rehabilitated as an ADD med, not as a first-line med, but it should still be in the pharmacopoeia. Mouse would probably be doing rather well on a lower dose of it, but the war on drugs is making that impossible, so as of this writing it’s Adderall XR, a sub-optimal solution that is giving her limited functionality. Per the other stimulants, it has no freaky side effects, but if any of them has the most likelihood of abuse or being stolen or having their supply sold at school instead of ingested, it’s Desoxyn. Its half-life is four to six hours. The initial dose for ADD/ADHD is 5mg once or twice daily. It may be increased at weekly intervals to the usual effective dosage of 25mg a day. For obesity one 5mg tablet half an hour before eating. There’s no way in hell you can buy this med from overseas, or from an Internet source without incurring high risk. You’ll be lucky to find a local pharmacy that will sell it to you. 100 of the 5mg immediate release or 60 of the new 5mg controlled release tablets cost about $133. Desoxyn is far too potent to think about the maximum dose at first.

Originally pioneered by Abbott way back in 1942 (just the thing to counter the Nazi super-drug Benzodrine).  Now made by Ovation, and the Ovation version is nowhere near as effective as the Abbott version.  Although some people are able to live with the Ovation version, the change is still noticable.  Abbott has continued its policy of getting out of the stimulant market by discontinuing the production of Cylert (pemoline).

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