When you visit your doctor during pregnancy, your detailed medical history is taken on record to see if you are at risk of developing any health problem during pregnancy which needs to be taken care of. Following types of medical history is taken on record: (1) Personal medical history:

You will be enquired about any history of high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disorders, urinary infection, asthma, tuberculosis, rheumatic fever, neurological problems, epilepsy and any history of previous operations, if you have undergone.

If you are allergic to any food or drugs than it will be taken into account. Any history of blood transfusion. If you are on any medicine for any medical problem than your doctor will decide and explain you , whether you have to continue that medicine during pregnancy or to discontinue it or the dose of that medicine requires alteration.

(2) Obstetric history:

Your date of last menstrual period. Expected date of delivery will be calculated. Your menstrual history. Whether your conception was spontaneous or you have conceived after taking treatment for infertility. How many times you became pregnant. Total number of previous deliveries, mode of delivery (i.e., whether normal or caesarean) and its outcome – live birth/stillbirth. If previous delivery was through caesarean, then what was the need for operation.

Any need for blood transfusion during that operation, any history of fever after the operation, how were the stitches. Birth-weight and sex of child (children) born during previous deliveries. Похожее изображениеHistory of breastfeeding to child (children) born during previous deliveries. Present health of the child born during previous deliveries. Any history of diabetes and high blood pressure, urinary infection during previous pregnancy. Antepartum/intrapartum/and postpartum complications.

(3) Abortion history: Period of gestation at which you had abortion. Whether abortion was spontaneous or induced. Medical/surgical termination of pregnancy. Whether any operative intervention like curettage was done in spontaneous abortion. Any other complications during abortion.

(4) Your family history:

Your family history in respect of the following diseases and/or medical problems is taken on record (family history is taken in respect of the blood relatives of the pregnant woman):

High blood pressure


Thyroid disorders


Heart disease

Multiple pregnancies

Congenital disease


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