Because of chemicals in the environment and in our foods, it’s good to have a process to detox and cleanse the body. This aids the liver as well as the digestive system so it isn’t overburdened.There are some cleanses that can be used on a daily basis as they help the body stay regular. There are other ones that are used for 7-12 days once every few months.Картинки по запросу burdock

Some of the detox programs will use herbs to help the lymphatic system detoxify from metals, and environmental pollution factors. Popular herbs include red clover, golden seal, burdock and sasparilla.Картинки по запросу burdock, red clover, golden seal,

Milk thistle is used in Euroupe for body detox and it is helpful for liver problems or enlargements. Be aware that it has a laxative effect.

Картинки по запросу golden sealKeep in mind that sometimes during the detox your symptoms may seem worse or you may get a little acne, indigestion and even a flu-like feeling. Remember that these will pass and take extra rest to help your body facilitate these changes.

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