Toxins are basically chemicals which are harmful to human body and occur naturally or are artificially manufactured. Various factors decide the negative reaction of toxins to the body.1. Rate of direct contact
2. Dosage
3. Immunity
4. Nature of toxins.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "detox diet"Toxins can be carcinogenic(cabcer causing toxins are known as carcinogenic), can cause imbalance in development, retard growth, stomach infection, in brief it can be fatal and dangerous for human body.

Detoxification facts include factual information about detoxification. Various ways toxins harm human body and this can be studied in three different categories. Categories being different from each other but may harm the individual at the same time.

a. Endogenous toxins.
b. Exogenous toxins
c. Autogenous toxins

Endogenous toxins are basically toxins which exists within the body like viruses and tuberculosis toxins, syphilis. These toxins may develop in human body due to stress and emotional disturbance which weakens and slows various metabolic processes.

Industrialisation and chemicals come in the category of exogenous toxins. The toxins take the entry into human system from outside, such as X-ray, preserved food, chemicals, pollutants of industries, viruses, herbicides, parasites and bacteria, etc. Coffee, tea, tobacco, medicines, hard drinks, accidents, metals like mercury from tooth filling, platinum, silver, nickel, uranium and thorium. More advent to industrial age more is the toxins loads entering in out body.

Heredity weakness is the cause for generation of autogenous toxins. It lowers the fighting capacity of the body from the viruses and other microbes.

Detoxification helps in:

1. Healing the body by removal of various toxic elements out from the body.

2. The prevention of body from disease, by reviving the metabolism to its original state.

This is an easy and natural process of revival of body through natural products and ways which ensure reduction or complete removal of toxins that affect one’s body if detoxification is done properly.

The body itself creates so many toxins from the waste of its own metabolic activities and keeps itself busy with the process. Just body need good amount of water and fibre to carry out this process. Various body organs involved in detoxification are kidney, liver and skin, the colon, out of which liver is the most important organ for detoxification. However, it is advised to drink little amount of pure water and to eat very small quantity of fibre. However due to unavailability of pure water we go for tap water, milk, coffee, alcohol. And fast food, fish, meat, breads replaces our fibre diet. In this way the intake of fresh water and roughage is minimised and is replaced by other constituents. First we onsume toxins in the form of food and medicine and then follow detoxification process to remove the remnants of toxins.

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