Detoxification is a process of removing toxins from a person’s body which get gathered in our body in various forms such as metals, minerals, pesticides and other harmful substance which prevents normal biological development of human body. We must have come across cases of disorders at younger age which were not frequent prior to world war. Toxins enter human body through various means like industrial waste drained in river which seeps through and accumulate in ground water and finally to our body through food we eat and water we drink.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Detox From Feet"Detoxification from feet is a very relaxing and soothing process which ends up by providing a person with sound sleep. In this hectic life style everyone need at least a sound sleep which has become an unattainable task. Let’s see how ionic foot bath works wonder for individuals. In this process person is asked to put his foot in a tub of hot water at least for half an hour, in the mean time current is passed through which is not felt but this current will ultimately remove all the toxins out of your body through the tiny pores present on your feet in a very efficient and effective manner.

The second big segment of detoxification in the human body is through skin after lungs. The current in the water helps in breakdown of water molecule in to oxygen and hydrogen. Negative ions are created in the water. Our body being positively charged absorbs these negative ions, which in turn helps in neutralising free radicals. As this process continues more and more toxins are loosened from the body which can be pesticides, pollutants, dirt particles and viruses even.

When you are through to the process of foot bath one feels much relieved and relaxed and is full of energy which can be used for carrying out other activities. Amount of Toxic burden in your body determine the number of foot baths needed by your body which is approximate to eleven to twenty two baths in a period of seven to eleven weeks. Precautions has to taken before going for a foot bath. Pregnant and lactating women should avoid detoxification from feet and children below 6 years are not recommended for fotbath. Detoxification from feet is highly recommended to individuals who deal with heavy toxic elements.Foot bath is easiest and enjoyable procees which is not tiring at all but rejvenate the body and it’s functioning. while having a footbath person can enjoy reading and watch TV if he likes. Hence it is time saving also.

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