Detoxification is a process of removal or cleansing the body from various toxins that have entered in our body due to internal and external factors. Various methods are used for detox therapy like, foot bath, fasting, fruits and vegetable diet detoxification massage. Training is given for detoxification massage therapy in United States and Canada. Detoxification massage is a technique which is used for cleansing the toxins from our body. Unhealthy toxins accumulated in our body results in various diseases and malfunctioning of system. Toxics substance in our body also leads to reduce metabolic activities. Massage is very healthy practice and rejuvenate our body by opening up our muscles and also helps in release of certain toxins from the body

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "detox massage"Detoxification massage technique consists of pressure therapy that proceed with applying soft pressure to selected points on the body and stretched muscle tissue and helps to get a relieve from health problems like headache, fibromyalgia and other organ or malfunctioning organs of the body.

The detoxification massage is a wonderful technique of relaxing the body, and it is somewhat similar to lymphatic drainage massage and Swedish massage and aim toward achieving overall well being and good health. Detoxification massage helps in improving oxygen level, circulation pattern, swelling, breathing problems and various other benefits come along with the technique. Muscles are relaxed. It is helpful in curing patients suffering from chronic health condition and disorders like chronic fatigue, neurological problems, immune system issues, arthritis and stress.

Immune system of the body can also be boosted by some additional therapies with a detoxification massage session:

– Hydrotherapy
– Aromatherapy
– Colon hydrotherapy
– Herbal body wraps
– Far infrared light therapy

The massage therapy is provided by professional only and can last for an hour or so. Study centres have been opened for massage therapy. Training is provided for the massage. Detoxification massage can help you to get rid of most of the malfunctioning of the body. Massage is done in a rhythmic process that stimulates the body. The movement is integral part of the body. one of the important massage therapy is lymphatic massage. Lymph is the main elimination organ of the body that helps in detoxification process. It absorbs the food nutrients and also helps in disposal of waste from body. With the massage technique lymph system removes the unwanted toxins from the body which are by products of dead cell, stress, metals. It also opens the blockage of circulatory system. Overall it helps in toning the body and removal of toxins and provide a healthy mind and soul.

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