In today’s modern world most of the people are suffering from one or the other disease. And the attack of these problems is via environment and the food we eat. It sounds strange that how food can make us unwell! After industrialisation the excessive use of chemical fertilizers has lead to accumulation of chemicals and pesticides in our body. And these harmful substance are called toxins which has to be removed from the body for proper and healthy life. To live happy and healthy life in today’s world one need to follow proper diet chart and various natural medications to be free from the toxins which retard the growth of body. Various detoxification symptoms are seen in human body while following detox method to cleanse our body.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Detox "Water fasting can lead to lack of energy and weakness in our body. During fasting weakness is inevitable, juice fast may lead to decrease in stamina. Accumulation of toxins in the intestine can lead to backaches. Blood vessels which are close to colon draw up all nutrients from it and can lead to pain, however after elimination of toxins pan is reduced. Enema kit can also help to combat this ache. Bad odour symptoms are also seen which can be cured by brushing and using mouthwash.

Detoxification symptom also includes CANKERS. Due to absence of chewing food which wash or clean our mouth, lead to toxins in our mouth and bacteria breeding is enhanced between teeth. To cure this gargle can be done with salt mixed with water. Cankers can be cured by gargling several times daily. During water fasting one more important detoxification symptom is noticed: BLACKOUTS, basically our body conserves energy during fasting and blood pressure is lowered due to reduction in pumping of blood by heart.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Detox "When a person quickly stand up from a resting position the blood flows to the legs causing dizziness and blackouts. Diarrhea can be seen as detoxification symptom and it can be prevented by mixing phylum husk which will result in proper bowel movement. Phylum husk doesn’t get absorbed by the walls of colon but expands and helps in regulating the bowel movement. Headaches which can be cured by massaging, muscle tightness can be cured by hot water baths, and exercising will help in release in toxins. Nervousness, skin problems, fatigue, tiredness are other detoxification symptoms that can be seen. Sometimes following detox therapy can be dangerous, it must be followed under medical guidance and supervision to avoid the problematic situation to arise. Prevention is always better then cure.

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