My son is eight months old. When will his first tooth and other teeth develop? It is said that babies have problem when their teeth are developing. What can I do for my child if he has any problem during teeth development period? What can I do, so that he has no problem during teeth development? What can I do so that he gets healthy teeth and then to keep his teeth healthy? I want that he gets healthy teeth.

Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): Milk teeth start erupting normally from the sixth to seven month of age and complete by the age of 24 to 26 month. But sometimes erupting age may vary, for girls it’s early and for boys it’s a month or two delayed. Babies do have problem during eruption and this problem is called teething. Teething is normal associated with irritation and pain in the gums, loose motion, difficulty in eating etc. Symptomatic relief can be provided, for that you might have to consult paediatrician. Keep a watch on things he tries to insert in the mouth, toys and milk bottles should be well sterilised. Hand and fingers should be kept clean. Start cleaning and teach him to clean teeth at early age. You can refer to dentist for the proper brushing technique for children.

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