Although Dianna Elise Argon has had a love for the stage at a very young age as she took to dancing when she was only three and has then appeared in many TV commercials and shows such as CSI New York and Heroes shortly after graduating from high school, her real claim to fame came when she landed the role of the charming cheerleader in the hit musical/comedy series Glee. Everyone knows Quinn Fabray, and the roles just kept on coming from then on.

Without a doubt, Dianna Argon was born with talent and beauty. But natural good looks can fade if not taken care of, especially when it comes to skin. So, pushing 30, how does Diana keep fit and fab? She spills her top secrets here.

Dianna Argon's Skincare

“I think beauty is all about having a kind heart, generosity and a sense of humor.”

True beauty really does come from the inside, but without the right regimen, those laugh lines can easily turn into crows feet. It’s a good thing Dianna knows how to keep sag away and wrinkles at bay.

“Stay hydrated; drink water and keep your face moisturized. I also use Caudalie Overnight detox oil before bed.”

As we always say, dry skin is a sin and is the root of all wrinkles. But aside from that, also do remember to cleanse (Never sleep with makeup on!) and protect (yep, slather on the sunscreen everyday and look for products with SPF!).


Speaking of makeup, for your daily does, remember, less is more.

“I used to wear more makeup, but I’ve learned to enjoy being natural.”

And her top go to product?

“Good mascara is really important.”

And finally, when it comes to keeping fit, Dianna definitely knows you have to workout to keep that cheerleader bod.

“I love Pilates and a good dance class. I travel with resistance bands or boxing gloves for a quick workout in the hotel room.”

Celebrity Throwback: Everyone knows Quinn Fabray.
Celebrity Throwback: Everyone knows Quinn Fabray.

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