Diarrhea is the frequent passing of loose or watery stool. Diarrhea is very common in developing countries. Diarrhea is the major cause of death in Pakistan. It is known as the disease of developing countries. The major cause of diarrhea is unhygienic condition. Acute diarrhea causes death in developing countries. Acute diarrhea appears rapidly and its intensity is very high. Acute diarrhea lasts for five to ten days. Chronic diarrhea lasts longer than acute diarrhea and its intensity is comparatively low but it is the second big cause of childhood death in developing countries.

According to WHO, 3.5 million deaths have been caused by diarrhea each year and 80% of them are children. Diarrhea causes dehydration and children can’t survive without body fluid as they have a smaller quantity of liquid in them.
There are five types of diarrhea.

    • Secretory Diarrhea: In this state our gut secretes more liquid than normal or it does not absorb in taken liquid which cases watery or loose stool.
      • Osmotic Diarrhea: It may be the result of celiac disease. In this state too much water is drawn into bowel. Osmotic diarrhea may occur due to pancreatic disease or laxatives.
        • Motility-related Diarrhea: Diarrhea symptoms and treatment This is the state when food and water move too quickly from the gut and it can’t be absorbed properly in the intestine. It happens when there is a removal of vagus nerve or in the patients with diabetic neuropathy.
          • Inflammatory Diarrhea: In this state lining of the gut is inflamed due to bacterial, viral or parasitic infection. Water and food can’t be properly absorbed in the intestine.
            • Dysentery: It is the state when blood is present in the stool. It is due to the presence of pathogens Shigella, Entaeomeba histolytica and salmonella.

Symptoms of Diarrhea: The most common Symptoms of diarrhea are:
(1) Abdominal pain or abdominal cramps
(2) Sudden need to go toilet
(3) Nausea & Vomiting
(4) Fatigue
(5) Temperature & Headache
(6) Loose or watery stool
(7) blood in stool
Diarrhea prevention & Precautions:
The following precautions can prevent you from this lethal disease.
(1) Must boil and filter the drinking water.
(2) Wash and clean vegetables with clean water before use.
(3) Must wash meat before cooking and boiled well.
(4) Sensitized
Diarrhea Treatment:
Diarrhea symptoms and treatment In most of the cases diarrhea disappears within a week or so. But don’t wait and keep taking liquids regularly.
Liquid intake
There are ample of  chances of dehydration in Diarrhea. Dehydration is very dangerous so keep drinking water and liquid regularly. Especially babies can’t survive in dehydration.
Food intake:
Now most of the doctors recommends to eat food whenever it desired. You can eat food such as potatoes, breads and rice. Use a bit greater quantity of salt in it to overcome the loss of salt.
As in most of the cases diarrhea lasts for a week or so but don’t wait before it is too late. Go and visit your doctor to treat diarrhea with medicines.

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