You know that song “Don’t worry, be happy” , well its really that simple.  We just make is so darn hard to lighten up.  Ok so now that I got that song in your head, are you smiling?   If not keep reading, if you are keep smiling and reading. Happiness is not some kind of illusive or idealistic thing to achieve.  Its ourNATURAL and INHERENT way of simply being.  Happiness is already within everyone of us.  Its just a matter of connecting to and accessing that infinite source that is within.


The only thing (and its a biggie )  that gets in our way is guess what? Come on you carry it around with you, you allow it to make decisions for you, you give it permission to shield you and put up huge defenses in the face of seemingly threatening people, places or things.  Its on the tip of your tongue right?  Actually its really no where , yet we give it such a strong sense of identity that it can pervade and control our whole life.


Yes that lovely three letter word, that lately in the new age field has been buzzing up a storm amongst gurus and non gurus alike.  The EGO is the thing that prevents our unhappiness. Its probably the most significant in this western culture of ours.  EGO keeps keeps us SCARED, TRAPPED and unable to live our true essence.

DO YOGA and watch the EGO fade, lose its ground and its hold over you.

DO YOGA and release the tangles of the EGO that can overtake your mind, emotions and whole life.

DO YOGA and realize just how happy you are just being present and still.

Sounds like airy fairy stuff?  Well through my own practice I have come to realize that what you perceive is what you become.   Believing in that internal magnitude of energy we call ESSENCE is the key to accessing happiness. It  never fails to serve us.

Yoga is your  ticket to that place.  Well its one way I’ve found to be tremendously effective.

Here is what I have noticed after a YOGA CLASS:

  • I CARE less about the mundane and trivial things: So the overcharges on my phone bill don’t cause me to freak out, the fact my dog chewed through a new set of heels last night simply becomes a write off and I get to go shopping again, the rainy weather actually feels soothing and gives me a chance to curl up and read a book, and waiting in line to pay for my groceries gives me the opportunity to think about my next blog post ;)
  • Right after each and every class I FEEL AMAZING.  That feeling is priceless. Its hard to describe it in mere words.  I feel connected to my inner self, and my intuition is heightened.  I’ve written some of my best articles and chapters to my book (my current work in progress) after my yoga practice.  It clears your mind, releases the EGO and VOILA` HAPPINESS is experienced.
  • I CRAVE LESS: I’m not talking just about food.  I crave less attachment to anything.  I crave less food yes, and less of any other not so healthy habits. Less coffee, less worrying, less about what OTHERS think . Less thoughts about what is or was wrong in my life.  I don’t succumb to the GRASPING SYNDROME. Grasping for external things to find fulfillment. I’ve talked about this before in other posts.  Instead of grasping externally to find a fix, YOGA inspires me to go INWARDS.  Yoga inspires me to reach internally and grasp my own truth, and presence.

priceless happiness

YOGA HEALS DEPRESSION.  I’ve seen this in my practice and can attest to witnessing it in the many practitioners I know.  So if you are struggling with depression, are on anti depressants and want a better way to cope,  give Yoga a try.

You just might find yourself needing less Prozac, and more Prana!

A song that simply expresses how simple it is to find happiness, by just simply being and loving life.


So start a HAPPINESS JOURNAL! Right now.  EVERYDAY write ONE thing that made you smile, laugh, or just feel good.  Once you begin to see that happiness is always there for you, you’ll get ridiculously happy for no reason at all.  You’ll make everyone SICK .  Actually kidding aside, you’ll be giving such a great vibe that you will ATTRACT positive, shining happy people, situations, experiences and events MORE AND MORE.

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