At Nature’s Healthcare, we believe that one’s nutritional status has a major impact on health and wellness, perhaps more so than any other single factor except maybe lifestyle. Everyday, we participate in three activities that allow chemicals to come into our bodies: that would be in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. We put trust in our elected officials and utility companies to see that our air and water are as pure and safe as possible and we would not allow them to knowingly pollute our air or water or to allow them to become unsafe. As a society, however, we have not given the same level of concern to our food, as we have turned over the responsibility of preparing our food to someone else, and in so doing we have given up control over what goes into our food.

 We have become farther and farther removed from the process of food preparation and we have allowed chemicals, preservatives, dyes, coloring agents, and flavor enhancers to be added to food, when we would never consider adding them ourselves. We have also given up control over the fat and sugar content of our food, resulting in the epidemic of obesity we now face. Other conditions seem to be on the rise as well, such as asthma which is felt to be possibly related to food allergens; a number of cancers, possibly linked to chemicals in our food; degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, which is associated with diets high in animal protein; and cardiovascular disease and stroke, our nation’s #1 cause of death which is associated directly with the amount of dietary fat we consume.

The good news is that we can reclaim control of the preparation of our food, and make informed decisions regarding its’ content. We can eliminate those things from our food that are just not needed when we prepare our food ourselves, and which have absolutely no beneficial effect on our health and are likely harmful. We have solid scientific proof regarding the effects our dietary choices can have on our health, allowing us to make choices that can improve our overall health and well being, or to choose a dietary plan aimed at treating a specific medical problem.

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