Dilantin (phenytoin). I’d never thought that I’d see it, but it’s being studying as a mood stabilizer. This is not a first-line med. It’s not even a second-line med. This is for when you’re running out of options. It’s like that for epilepsy, too. When nothing else is working, Dilantin is a stand-by. One of the studies had it compared to a placebo and Haldol for bipolar mania. That’s some real old-school medicatin’, and that study was done in 2000. You have to be real careful mixing it with other meds. Tegretol and Trileptal decrease its effectiveness. Benzos make it much more effective. You don’t know what the hell will happen when mixing it with Depakote/Depakene. And SSRIs? It could get toxic on you. Be prepared to sound drunk all the time. You won’t feel drunk, you’ll just sound like you are. But if everything else has failed, it’s one more horsie on the med-go-round.


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