From all the information provided we can see that the management of diverticulosis (the inactive phase of the condition) can be managed through the adoption of a diet high in fibre.It is worth noticing that this is also the way in which the development of diverticular disease is prevented.

With the complications that may result from having diverticular disease it would be optimal to start on a high fibre diet before the disease can develop, rather than allow it to form and treat it later, when risks of further complications evolve.Картинки по запросу diverticulosis

Those with diverticular disease who successfully adopt a high fibre diet as recommended severely decrease any chances of developing further complications of the disease and are able to live a normal life.

For the small proportion of people who do develop diverticulitis, treatment is generally as simple as altering the diet to limit fibre for a one month period after which the normal high fibre diet is resumed.

Individuals who disregard the advice offered by professionals are at risk of developing severe complications and symptoms.

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